How to book a private DIY mobile workshop

Girls night, baby shower, bridal event, neighborhood party, or just because? We have you covered. We offer a wide variety of options so each guest has the opportunity to make something that truly represents them and they can proudly display it in their home. Talk with your guests and choose a date or two that works for all of you. Classes on average take about 3 hours from set up to take down. This does depend on how many guests you have attending so time can vary some. Then click the chat button on our website and send us a message with approximate amount of guests, hosts location and date(s) you are interested in booking your class. You can also contact us through our facebook page, instagram or send us an email. We will confirm your class date and time with in 24 hours or offer an alternative date. Once your class is confirmed we highly recommend you create a facebook event, E-vite or something similar for you to be able to communicate with all your guest simultaneously. We have created a serious of blog posts under our DIY workshops tab for you to link and guide your guests to. These should help all of you understand how the workshops operate as well as how to purchase your tickets and pick designs. Please make sure all your guests have purchased their ticket a minimum of 2 days prior to your event. This gives us the time we need to prep and gather all materials needed. Wether you're a DIY genius or a first time crafter we are sure this class is for you. 

Hostess rewards:

If you have 10 or more purchase a ticket to attend your private workshop you will receive your DIY project completely free up to $50. We also offer you a discount deal if you pass the word along to any of your guests. Tell them to host a class and if you attend you get %25 off your DIY project purchase we well. If that isn't enough to make you want to schedule your private workshop this is also a BYOB & snack friendly event. While we can not hand deliver alcohol it does always pair well with our classes.