Attending a private DIY workshop

Are you attending a private DIY workshop hosted by a friend, family member or coworker? Here is everything you need to know about this hands on workshop. You will be instructed step by step how to make your very own custom wood sign to decorate your home or even give as gift. Whether this is your first time working with wood and stain or you're a well seasoned crafter, when you leave one of our workshops you will be so proud of the piece you created, it will look like it came straight out of a local store.

Your hostess should have set you a link to their custom DIY workshop tickets. If not please type their name in the search bar and a link should pop up. From there you will look through their pre selected designs, select which design you would like to make the drop down and check out. That's it! All colors are chosen durning the workshop so no need to worry about that now. Any design can be painted and color coordinated to match your home or personal esthetic. Please be sure to select your design and purchase your ticket at a minimum of 2 days prior to the event. This gives us the time to prep and gather all materials needed for you.

Show up and have fun! The rest is on us. Consult with your host first, food & drinks are always allowed at our workshops. We will come prepared with your custom designed stencil, wood sign base, Shirt or doormat, stains, paints, aprons, brushes, sponges and everything else needed to create a one of a kind master piece. All colors will be chosen durning class so no need to stress about it now. I look forward to meeting and getting crafty with you very soon.